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Yamaha DT175mx restored by New Era

Yamaha DT175mx

This recent project has been a most pleasurable bike to restore, as its one of the most iconic bikes of the late 70’s, who didn’t know someone with a dt175 mx?. The bike came to us as a relatively un-tampered example but it had been stored in a damp environment which had caused rust issues. Stripping the engine did uncover the fact that the top end was seized solid and the bottom end was very tired. So after a full crank rebuild, pistons, re-bore and numerous seals, bearings and gaskets along with repainting the outer covers and blasting the crank cases, it not only looked as new but would be mechanically sound too.

A lot of the chassis parts were in good enough condition to renovate and re-use, although a new swing arm bush kit, wheel  and headrace bearings would make it handle like new once more. So with some stove enamelling, chrome and zinc plating and of the shelf parts, most of the perished rubber and worn consumable parts are still available, the chassis was complete and be ready for another 35 years of use. Special requirements for this age Yamaha, amongst others is the “Drab olive passivate” plating we had to replicate on various parts and fasteners. Most of the perished rubber and worn out parts are still available off the shelf from Yamaha and specialist dealers.

As the body work was it such good condition a straight forward re-spray was required, and with modern additives to make the paint flexible, mudguards are not an issue to spray with the tank and panels.