Motorcycles are our passion, we restore classic Japanese, British and Italian machines to a better-than-new standard.

An old wreck from your teenage years lying forgotten in your garage, or your favourite old plodder in need of a make over? New Era can restore your vintage or classic motorcycle to as new condition, to standard or modified form. Click the pictures below to look more closely at a selection of our recent restorations.

Yamaha TZ250T 1987

This classis example of a late 80’s club racer was brought to us by the owner (an ex-racer) to have it restored with an intent to use it for classic track days and parade laps at the Manx TT and other classic events. So after a full strip down the engine was the most important […]


Kawasaki Z1J Moriwaki Replica

Not our usual kind of project but we love a challenge! This Z1000j already had race pedigree as it was an old “Bulmers Cider” sponsored bike in the early 80’s that found its way back on the road. Engine wise it had high lift cams, Wiseco high comp pistons, a gas flowed head and ignition […]


Suzuki T500 1971

Restoring this bike pretty much completes the full set of early Suzuki two stroke twins, as we have already done a tT20, T200, tT250 and T350. This T500 came to us as an unmolested US import, so low miles too! It was just tatty enough to require the new era treatment… The engine was very […]

Yamaha DT175mx restored by New Era

Yamaha DT175mx

This recent project has been a most pleasurable bike to restore, as its one of the most iconic bikes of the late 70’s, who didn’t know someone with a dt175 mx?. The bike came to us as a relatively un-tampered example but it had been stored in a damp environment which had caused rust issues. […]

Yamaha RD350LC restoration

Yamaha RD250LC/RD350LC Restorations

We have restored many LC’s through the years and have extensive experience of the model and it’s varients. We know how to achieve the correct finish, for example the olive green plating of various components necessary to complete an accurate restoratio The bike came to us as a relatively un-tampered example although stripping of the […]

Suzuki Super Six restoration

Suzuki T20 Super Six 1966

Although  low mileage and very original this Suzuki had been stored in a damp environment, so it had corroded quite badly in some areas. We managed to re-chrome the original wheel rims which we always prefer if at all possible as new rims often do not have the same contours. The engine was stripped, the […]

Moto Martin GSX1100 restored by New Era

Moto Martin Suzuki GSX1100

This rare & iconic 80’s special came to us as a basket case with parts missing and a donor GSX 1100 for engine & running gear. The frame & swinging arm had already been nickel chrome plated and was intended to house the Suzuki power unit. It turned out to be even rarer than usual […]

Honda SL350 K1

Honda SL350 K1

This fantastic US spec 350 Honda was a joy to restore, as with low mileage it had barely been touched, although the silencers had rotted through. Some replacement replica stainless steel ones were sourced from the States, along with a silver/grey cable set (standard on this model). A pair of down pipes were manufactured here […]

Yamaha RD350 YPVS

Yamaha RD350 YPVS/N1/F1 Restorations

We have restored many YPVS models over the years and have subsequently gathered extensive experience of the models, checking to make sure the correct cylinders, carburettors and exhausts are fitted if at all possible as these items are interchangeable but best kept original. The correct use of “drab olive” plating on the various fasteners is […]

Puch Grand Prix Special 1976

1976 Puch Grand Prix Special

The opposition to the more often seen Suzuki AP50 & Yamaha Fizzie, a very unmolested but very tatty example. Surprisingly a lot of parts are available in Europe, and with it having stainless steel mudguards it was a case of being able to restore what we had. We did have to fully rebuild the engine […]

Suzuki X5 restored by New Era Restorations

Suzuki X5 200cc

The baby brother to the 250cc X7, this one owner bike was brought to us by the original owner, but it had been stored in a damp barn for years. So, although untouched, it was suffering with corrosion. Luckily the classic Suzuki parts scheme helped us out with a lot of new chrome work, which […]

1976 YAMAHA DT175

1976 Yamaha DT175 – 1G1

This lovely little DT175 was purchased at the Stafford Show after the customer recognised it as exactly the same model as he owned years previously. Apart from the paintwork being renewed at some point earlier, the rest of the machine was original and un-molested, although the engine was found to be very tired under investigation. […]

1970 Kawasaki S2 restored by New Era Restorations, Coalville

1970 Kawasaki S2

On this classic Kwak, the engine was stripped and the tolerances were measured and found to be well within limits, at least on the top end, but the crank bearings had suffered signs of wear so a strip and rebuild on the crank was needed. The cases were aqua blasted and outer covers polished, so […]

1984 Honda VF750 “Sabre” restored by New Era Motorcycle Restorations, Leicestershire

1984 Honda VF750 “Sabre”

Not one of our usual projects but we are happy to work on anything when a customer requires the “new era” touch. On stripping the bike we found both chassis and engine issues so it was going to one of our more time consuming restorations. The engine outer cases were stripped off and painted or […]

1970 Suzuki T250 II restored by New Era Restorations

1970 Suzuki T250 II

Although a low mileage and very original this Suzuki had been stored in a damp environment, so it had corroded quite badly in some areas. The customer had already sourced some new old stock wheel rims, and mudguards along with a box of bits and pieces. The engine was stripped, the cylinder crank cases, barrels […]