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1976 YAMAHA DT175

1976 Yamaha DT175 – 1G1

This lovely little DT175 was purchased at the Stafford Show after the customer recognised it as exactly the same model as he owned years previously. Apart from the paintwork being renewed at some point earlier, the rest of the machine was original and un-molested, although the engine was found to be very tired under investigation. The carburettor had also suffered from years of use so the worn internals were replaced. After a re-conditioned crank and re-bore, along with painting and polishing of the cases and barrel/head, this completed all of the mechanical work to the engine side of the restoration. Most of the chassis parts were in good enough condition to re-use, with some powder coating, chrome and zinc plating. Along with the replacing of the perished and worn rubber parts and cables etc, the chassis was put back together. So with some new paint work on the petrol tank, panels and mudguards, this beautiful little trail bike was completed. After riding it you can understand how thousands of these machines were sold, and what made them so popular.