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1973 K0 Honda MT250 Elsinore

Honda MT250 K0 Elsinore 1973

A rare , very early US model, but not the usual US barn find. Neglected and stored outside this machine was destined for the scrap heap! As it was made in a specific month in 73 it held significance as it was exactly the same age as me, so the challenge was on! 

Engine was badly seized solid due to water ingress. Upon stripping a conrod kit and oversize piston were sourced and luckily the gearbox was found to be in sound condition so the power unit was sorted!

The chassis was not as easy. The subframe was rotten so a new section was welded but the list of ‘beyond help’ parts grew; exhaust, seat, carb, clocks, front hub, all had to be found mainly in the US, DK Motorcycles in Stoke did have some parts which. was welcome and slowly, over time the Honda was returned to the fully restored scondition you see now. I’m glad to say it had its first ride out for a very long time, ready for its and my 50th birthday! 

I feel like Steve McQueen in ‘On Any Sunday’ when I’m riding it!