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1970 Suzuki T250 II restored by New Era Restorations

1970 Suzuki T250 II

Although a low mileage and very original this Suzuki had been stored in a damp environment, so it had corroded quite badly in some areas. The customer had already sourced some new old stock wheel rims, and mudguards along with a box of bits and pieces. The engine was stripped, the cylinder crank cases, barrels and heads were aqua blasted and the outer covers polished. The crankshaft was stripped and rebuilt and with just a set of new piston rings, gaskets and seals it was rebuilt. The paintwork and seat was re-furbished, and frame, swinging arm and other chassis parts powder coated along with the chromework re-plated and alloy polished. All the original fasteners were chromed or zinc plated and with the majority of consumable items still available from Suzuki, we have done our utmost to keep it as close to original as possible. With the original colour scheme of pastel yellow and the high level pipes it’s a real head turner!