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1970 Kawasaki S2 restored by New Era Restorations, Coalville

1970 Kawasaki S2

On this classic Kwak, the engine was stripped and the tolerances were measured and found to be well within limits, at least on the top end, but the crank bearings had suffered signs of wear so a strip and rebuild on the crank was needed. The cases were aqua blasted and outer covers polished, so with a set of piston rings, gaskets, bearings and seals etc., it was rebuilt. All the original panels and fasteners etc were chromed, painted or plated, and with majority of consumable items are still available from Kawasaki and the U.S specialists, we have done our utmost to keep it as close to original as possible. We were delayed by waiting on the silencers to be re-chromed, that would enable us to get it finally up and running and complete. With the original red colour scheme I’m sure you’ll agree it look’s stunning.